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Reporting a possible compliance violation is a confidential alternative to directly addressing the executive or management. As this plays an important role in identifying and calling out misconduct or harm to consumers and the community we encourage you to report potential misconduct or breaches of the law.

Eligible Whistleblowers:

An eligible whistleblower is an individual who is a current or former employee (including contractor or consultant) or a supplier of the GALA GROUP GmbH, or its entities or a relative/spouse of any of the above mentioned persons.

Reportable Matters:

Reportable matters are a violation of legal regulations and/or our internal guidelines, as well as our Code of Conduct, i.e. fraud, default, breach of trust and/or duty, etc.

Making a Disclosure:

If you notice such a violation, please get in contact with our ombudsman. Our ombudsman is an important pillar of our compliance system and guarantees the principle of fair proceedings. This reporting channel provides the greatest possible protection for whistleblowers and the parties involved in a report. If desired, a report and communication with our ombudsman can also be made anonymously.

We would like to point out that you may not disparage persons and that legal measures may be taken by us if such behavior is detected and that a presumption of innocence applies until a violation can be proven.


Any investigation required as a result of a report will be conducted with due confidentiality.


The ombudsman reviews your report with regard to the seriousness and validity of the violation communicated with the notice.

After the report has been checked for the required validity (plausibility check), appropriate measures will be initiated. Further information can also be requested from the whistleblower if he or she has left contact options to the ombudsman and has not made an anonymous report.

In the event of an identified violation, appropriate sanction recommendations will be made.

Your information:

The whistleblower will be informed about the processing status of your report and the result of a possible investigation.

Your reports will be received in strict confidence and, if you wish, anonymously. Reporting a violation is an action in accordance with the principles of GALA GROUP’s Code of Conduct.

Get in Contact:

Please contact our official appointed to investigate is ombudsman, Attorney Dirk Seeburg.

Dirk Seeburg
Rechtsanwalt LL.M.

Hultschiner Straße 8
81677 München Germany

For making a disclosure please contact him via:
Phone: +49 89 90420 4962
E-Mail: whistleblowing-gala@bay-gmbh.com