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We create more than just candles, scents & home décor products. We bring ideas to life, with the aim to touch our consumers hearts, create feelings & emotions. We offer a wide selection of scented and unscented candles, diffusers, Essential oils, home décor products & accessories.

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Wide selection of scented & unscented candles in different shapes , sizes & colors

Still Diffusers - Home Scents - GALA GROUP Reed Diffusers Insense Sticks - Home Scents - GALA GROUP Incense Sticks Roomsprays - Home Scents - GALA GROUP Room Sprays Sachets - Home Scents - GALA GROUP Sachets Waxmelts - Home Scents - GALA GROUP Wax Melts

Home Scents

Wide selection of Home Scents in different forms & formats

Oils - Essential Oils - GALA GROUP Essential Oils FTA jars - Home Scents - GALA GROUP Infused Candles Roomspray - Home Scents - GALA GROUP Infused Room Sprays Waxmelts - Essential Oils - GALA GROUP Infused Wax melts Diffuser - Essential Oils - GALA GROUP Infused Reed Diffusers

Essential Oils & Aromatherapy products

Our products are created from fresh botanical ingredients, globally sourced and sustainably farmed. Our essential oils are 100% pure.

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Florals & Home Décor

Wide selection of Home Décor products & Florals

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