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We do care for our nature.

We are committed to reduce our impact on the environment in terms of emissions and resource consumption.

Our focus is on:

  • The reduction of waste
  • The reduction of water consumption
  • The reduction of CO2 emission
  • The reduction of energy emissions

Good to know:

The majority of our sites already today works with green energy. We will further increase green energy usage over the next years.

Products & packaging

Our innovation focus is centered around the development of sustainable product and packaging solutions.

We do care about our nature

A complete collection of sustainable
products, including tealights, maxilights,
candles in jars and more.

Candles – burning mass

GALA Group is constantly working on the development of sustainable mixtures for candles.
We are already using a variety of sustainable blends in our product range.

Palm Oil usage

GALA Group is a member of RSPO. Membership# 4-0963-17-000-00
Candles for the European market are produced in RSPO Certified production sites only
Sites are at least RSPO MB certified, the largest site using >75% of the Palm is RSPO SG certified


  • 98% of the used Palm in our EU sites is bought as RSPO certified material
  • 75% of the used Palm in the EU is RSPO SG certified
  • Customer request to use certified Palm oil are 100% fulfilled


GALA Group intends to increase to 100% of RSPO certified palm oil in the European market from April 2021 onwards.


The ESG Report is to share information about our sustainability performance. ESG stands for environment, social aspects and corporate governance.

The report covers various topics such as our energy and resource consumption, our greenhouse gas emissions, our waste management and the impact of our business activities on the environment. We also provide information on topics such as employee rights, working conditions, diversity and inclusion, and our community engagement. In addition, we provide information about our company, insight into our governance, the integrity of our management, our compliance with standards and our decision-making processes.

The ESG Report enables us to transparently document and communicate our performance and commitment, in terms of sustainability. We create the report on a voluntary basis to show our customers, employees, investors and other stakeholders our progress and commitment on sustainability as well as the impact we have on the environment, society and corporate governance.

You can view our latest ESG report from 2022 here.


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